Medical coverage, which includes mental health and chemical dependency and prescription drug coverage, helps you pay the cost of covered medical expenses for the treatment of an injury or illness.

Medical and mental health and chemical dependency coverage is administered by your medical carrier. Prescription drug coverage is administered separately.

Please note: Free, confidential, 24/7 assistance for medical and behavioral health issues is available to you and your household members through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), whether or not you are enrolled in Nokia medical coverage.



As a regular full-time or part-time management employee, you’re generally eligible for coverage on your date of hire. Review the Medical Expense Plan Summary Plan Description (SPD) for details.

If You Are Eligible for Coverage Under Another Medical Plan

If you are eligible for coverage under more than one medical plan — for example, if your spouse can cover you under his or her employer’s plan — it may not mean that you will receive more benefits. Most plans coordinate benefits, meaning your total benefit is limited to what you would receive under the plan with the highest coverage level. For more information on how coordination of benefits works, review the Medical Expense Plan SPD, or contact the carrier.

Eligible Dependents

If you’re an eligible employee, you can enroll your eligible dependents. Review Defining Eligible Dependents for details.

Note: If you enroll for coverage in a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO; see “Coverage Options” below), some states vary in their age requirements and definition of an eligible dependent. Contact the HMO provider directly with questions. HMO contact information is listed on the back of your medical ID card (if you are enrolled) and on the Your Benefits Resources™ (YBR) website.

Coverage Options and Costs

When you enroll in medical coverage, you need to choose a coverage category and provide information about the eligible dependents you want to cover. If you don’t enroll in medical coverage when you are first eligible, you alone will be assigned coverage.

Coverage Options

You may choose from the following coverage options (based on the service areas and your home ZIP code):

  • Enhanced Point of Service (POS) through UnitedHealthcare;
  • Standard POS through UnitedHealthcare; and
  • HMOs.

While all of the options cover many of the same services and supplies, there are differences in how you access care and how you pay for that care. For more information about your medical coverage options, review the current Benefits At-a-Glance and Resource Contact Information in the annual open enrollment section of this website or contact the carrier.

If you enroll in an HMO, contact the HMO directly for details about its covered services and supplies. HMO contact information is listed on the back of your medical ID card (if you are enrolled) and on the YBR website.

Waiving Coverage
If you have medical coverage elsewhere, you can elect to decline the company’s medical coverage. You can opt back in to coverage during a future open enrollment period or if you have a qualified status change.

Coverage Categories
You can choose from four coverage categories, depending on the number of dependents that you enroll:

  • Individual only;
  • Individual + children;
  • Individual + spouse; or
  • Family.

These coverage categories include domestic partners and children of domestic partners.


You pay a portion of the cost of medical coverage with before-tax deductions from your paycheck. Deductions are effective on the first of the month following the date you become eligible for benefits, unless you are newly eligible for benefits on the first of a month. In that case, deductions are effective on the first of the month. For your specific costs, visit the YBR website.