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Nokia Benefits Resource Center

Answers to your health and welfare, FSA, 401(k) and pension questions. For example:

Health and welfare

  • Take care of a unique health and welfare benefits issue
  • Resolve an issue that you have not been able to solve on your own
  • Notify Nokia if you or your eligible dependent(s) are or will become Medicare-eligible due to a disability


  • Manage your FSA(s), including getting your balance(s), learning what qualifies as an eligible expense and checking the status of your claims


  • Manage your 401(k), including making transactions


  • Get pension information and request transactions
  • 1-888-232-4111
  • 1-212-444-0994
    (if calling from outside of the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada)

Representatives are available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time (ET), Monday through Friday

Your Benefits ResourcesTM (YBR) Website

Information on your health and welfare, 401(k), pension and FSA benefits. For example:

Health and welfare

  • View your current health and welfare benefits coverage
  • Make enrollment decisions


  • View your current 401(k) balance and change contributions
  • Make fund transfer and investment election changes


  • If you are eligible for a pension benefit:
    • View your pension information
    • Project your pension income
    • Start your pension
    • Make beneficiary designations and changes (if applicable)


  • Manage your FSA(s)
    (through the Alight Smart-Choice Accounts website, accessible from the YBR website)


  • Request a new User ID and password or change your existing User ID and password
  • Learn more about your Nokia benefits
  • Review, add or change your dependent or beneficiary information on file (if applicable)
  • Understand how a Life Event may affect your benefits

Aetna Dental Coverage

Resource Type of Information Contact

Aetna Dental

  • Understand how your dental coverage works
  • Find network dentists
  • Access claims information
  • Traditional option:
  • DMO option: 1-800-220-5479

Employee Assistance Program

Resource Type of Information Contact

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Get free, confidential assistance with life issues


Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

Resource Type of Information Contact

Your HMO Carrier

  • Understand how your HMO coverage works
  • Access claims information

Contact information is available:

  • On the back of your ID card, if you are currently enrolled in an HMO;
  • By visiting the YBR website at; or
  • By calling the Nokia Benefits Resource Center at 1-888-232-4111.

Express Scripts Prescription Drug Coverage

(does not apply to HMO prescription drug coverage)

Resource Type of Information Contact

Express Scripts

  • Understand how your prescription drug coverage works
  • Prescription coverage and pricing information, including comparisons for brand-name and generic medications received through mail order and retail
  • Access claims information
  • Find a┬áparticipating (in-network) pharmacy
  • Order medications from the Express Scripts Pharmacy for savings opportunities

Express Scripts My Rx Choices

Find lower-cost options for the medications you currently take on an ongoing basis

Express Scripts Low Cost Generics

Determine if your medications are eligible for an additional discount through mail order


Resource Type of Information Contact

MetLife Life Insurance

  • Understand how your life insurance coverage works
  • Request conversion
  • Request or update beneficiary forms


MetLife Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI)

  • Understand how your LTCI coverage works
  • Note: Plan closed to new entrants


Other Benefits

Resource Type of Information Contact

Added Benefits

  • For vision, legal services, health advisory services, identity theft protection services, auto and home insurance and pet insurance enrollment and questions


For commuter benefits program registration, enrollment, order placement, account management and questions


Resource Type of Information Contact

General Information About Your Coverage and Dedicated Customer Care (Member Services)

  • Understand how your UnitedHealthcare medical coverage works
  • Find network physicians, specialists and facilities in your community
  • Compare average treatment costs and hospitals in your area for medical procedures you may be considering
  • Manage your healthcare choices and costs through a Plan Comparison Calculator
  • Access claims information
  • Speak with an experienced customer care representative who understands your plan and can answer questions quickly
  • POS: 1-800-577-8539
  • Traditional Indemnity: 1-800-577-8567

UnitedHealthcare Behavioral Health

  • Understand how your mental health and chemical dependency coverage works
  • Access claims information

UnitedHealthcare OptumHealthSM NurseLine and Live Nurse Chat

  • Speak with a registered nurse at any time
  • Get information about health and welfare topics
  • Participate in a live online Nurse Chat
  • Both English- and Spanish-speaking registered nurses are available
  • 1-866-444-3011
    (24 hours a day, seven days a week)

UnitedHealthcare Cancer Resource Services (CRS)

  • Get information regarding a cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Find cancer centers or physicians

Healthy Pregnancy Program

  • 24-hour access to experienced maternity nurses
  • Education and support for women through all stages of pregnancy and delivery

Congenital Heart Disease Program (CHD)

  • Clinical consultants can provide information to assist parents, family members, case managers and physicians in making decisions about congenital heart disease
(click on the “Congenital Heart Disease” link or call the phone number on the back of your medical ID card)

Transplant Resource Services

  • Services and access to medical professionals renowned for providing quality treatment in solid organ or blood/marrow transplants
(click on the "Transplantation" link or call the phone number on the back of your medical ID card)