Health and Insurance Benefits Overview

The health and insurance benefits are designed to protect you financially in case of illness, accident or death. There are a variety of plan options, coverage levels and costs, so you can choose the coverage that’s right for you. The following information is a general overview of these benefits.


Who Is Eligible

In general, you’re eligible for coverage on the first day of the month in which you attain six months of net credited service. For example, if your six-month anniversary falls on March 16, 2010, then you are eligible for coverage on March 1, 2010.

Newly hired employees may make medical elections, but will pay the full cost of coverage until attaining six months of net credited service. (After six months of net credited service, the company begins contributing to the cost of coverage.)

Each benefit may have additional eligibility requirements, so refer to the specific plans for more information. You may also cover dependents who meet each plan’s eligibility requirements.

If You Are Eligible for Coverage Under Another Medical or Dental Plan

If you are eligible for coverage under more than one medical or dental plan — for example, if your spouse may be able to cover you under his or her employer’s plans — it may not mean that you will receive more benefits. Most plans coordinate benefits, meaning your total benefit is limited to what you would receive under the plan with the highest coverage level. For more information on how coordination of benefits under Alcatel-Lucent’s benefit plans work, review Coordination of Benefits, or contact your carrier.

Coverage Options and Costs

After meeting the eligibility requirements, you can participate in a number of plans.

Coverage Options

You must enroll in these plans to receive coverage:

*If you don’t actively enroll in medical and dental coverage during your initial eligibility period or the annual open enrollment period, are full-time and have more than six months of net credited service, the company will automatically assign a level of coverage to you, unless you actively choose No Coverage.

Automatic Coverage
The following are benefits the company provides to you automatically. You can choose additional coverage under these plans when you enroll, but you will pay the cost of any coverage you add:


You pay for the following coverages with before-tax payroll deductions:

  • Medical;
  • Dental;
  • Vision;
  • Supplemental Accidental Loss Insurance;
  • Spouse Accidental Loss Insurance; and
  • Child Accidental Loss Insurance.

You pay for the following coverages with after-tax payroll deductions:

  • Group Term Life Insurance;
  • Spouse Life Insurance; and
  • Child Life Insurance.