Other Benefits Overview

In addition to health and life insurance, retirement savings and pension benefits, the company offers other benefits to help you better manage your time and money.


Who Is Eligible

In general, you’re eligible for coverage on your date of hire.

Each benefit may have additional eligibility requirements, so refer to the specific plans for more information. You may also cover dependents that meet each plan’s eligibility requirements.

Coverage Options and Costs

After meeting the eligibility requirements, you can participate in a number of plans.

Coverage Options

You must enroll in these plans to receive coverage:

You automatically receive coverage in the:


You contribute to the Spending Account(s) with before-tax payroll deductions.

You pay for the Long-Term Care Plan with after-tax payroll deductions.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and most Work and Family Programs are paid for by the company and offered at no cost to you.