Retiree Prescription

Administered by Express Scripts, coverage includes medically necessary drugs and medicines prescribed by your or your covered dependent’s doctor on an outpatient basis.

You’re automatically enrolled in prescription drug coverage if you are enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage (PPO).

Please note: If you receive mail or phone calls directly from Express Scripts during the year, don’t disregard them! Express Scripts may be reaching out to you with money-saving opportunities and special programs.

If you enroll in a Medicare Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), prescription drug coverage is provided through the option. Contact the Medicare HMO directly for information. Medicare HMO contact information is listed on the back of your medical ID card (if you are enrolled) and on the Your Benefits Resources (YBR) website.

Note: As a Medicare-eligible individual, you cannot participate in Nokia-sponsored retiree prescription drug coverage and in a Medicare Part D plan not sponsored by Nokia at the same time.

Coverage Overview

The Express Scripts Medicare Prescription Plan design for Medicare-eligible retirees and dependents is a special Medicare Part D plan, governed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It categorizes prescription drugs into four levels using the Express Scripts standard Medicare Part D formulary, which you will receive when your enrollment in the plan is confirmed.

Because this is a unique plan, the enrollment period is when you become Medicare-eligible or during Nokia’s annual open enrollment period in the fall. Otherwise, standard Medicare Part D requirements apply to this coverage, including the plan design.

Remember, the prescription drug program is a part of your Nokia medical coverage. If you are Medicare-eligible and enroll in coverage through the company, you will be automatically enrolled in this Nokia Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

See the current Benefits At-a-Glance and Resource Contact Information in the annual open enrollment section of this website and/or Medicare and Your Nokia Coverage, or contact the carrier for information on your prescription drug coverage.


Prescription drug coverage premiums are included as part of your medical coverage premiums.

For specific costs, visit the YBR website.