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Resources and Information Description

Changing Coverage

How to make midyear changes to your coverage

Coordination of Benefits

Refer to the applicable Summary Plan Description (SPD) to learn what happens if you’re enrolled in more than one health plan, or if you’re Medicare-eligible

Defining Eligible Dependents

Dependent eligibility rules, including domestic partner eligibility rules

Family Security Program (FSP) Basics

Refer to the Medical Expense Plan SPD for an overview of FSP coverage

How Other Covered Charges (OCC) Coverage Works

General overview of OCC coverage

Imputed Income

Overview of taxable income you may be required to pay if you make certain benefit coverage elections

Medicare and Your Nokia Coverage

Learn how Medicare impacts and coordinates with retiree medical coverage, including prescription drug coverage

Medicare Part B Reimbursements

Brief description of reimbursement policy and process

Need a YBR Refresher?

Watch the “Get to Know Your Benefits Resources (YBR)” video to get a recap of the site’s key features, have the opportunity to walk through the enrollment process and more

Privacy Information

HIPAA Notice and information on your rights

Rules for Changing Retiree Coverage

How to make changes to your coverage

Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs)

Details of your health and welfare plans