Defining Eligible Dependents

Adding a Dependent to Your US Health and Welfare Plan?

The costs for covering ineligible dependents can really add up and are shared by everyone in the Plan. That is why Nokia requires employees to verify the eligibility of all dependents covered under Nokia's health and welfare plans.

Employees who add dependents (allowed within 31 days of a qualified change in status [e.g. date of hire, marriage, birth of child, etc.] or during annual open enrollment) to their health care coverage(s) will be required to certify the eligibility of the dependent(s) they add to their coverage within 45 days of enrolling the new dependent. Failure to provide proof of eligibility within the required timeframe may result in the dependent(s) being terminated from coverage. This proof will help Nokia continue to apply eligibility rules fairly and is part of Nokia's ongoing efforts to control health care costs.

View Nokia's eligibility rules by selecting the current Dependent Eligibility Rules below if you are uncertain whether your dependent(s) is eligible for Nokia coverage. Please be sure to select the applicable eligibility rules for your employment classification.

You may also call the Nokia Benefits Resource Center if you have questions.

View the current Dependent Eligibility Rules

Access the Nokia Declaration of Domestic Partnership form