Retiree Prescription

Administered by CVS Caremark, prescription drug coverage includes medically necessary drugs and medicines prescribed by your or your covered dependent’s doctor on an outpatient basis.

You’re automatically enrolled in prescription drug coverage if you are enrolled in:

  • Point of Service (POS);
  • Traditional Indemnity; or
  • UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage (PPO).

Review the Medical Expense Plan Summary Plan Description (SPD) for details.

If you enroll in Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)/Medicare HMO, prescription drug coverage may be provided through the option. Contact the HMO/Medicare HMO directly for information. HMO/Medicare HMO contact information is listed on the back of your medical ID card (if you are enrolled) and on the Your Benefits Resources (YBR) website.

Note: If you’re eligible for Medicare, you can’t participate in both Medicare Part D and Nokia-sponsored retiree prescription drug coverage at the same time. If you enroll in Medicare Part D, your Nokia-sponsored retiree prescription drug coverage will end. You may re-enroll in Nokia-sponsored retiree prescription drug coverage after you have disenrolled from Medicare Part D.

How Prescription Drug Coverage Works

You can fill prescriptions:

  • At any retail pharmacy; or
  • By mail order (through CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy).

To find an in-network retail pharmacy, visit (you will need to register the first time you visit the site) or call 1-800-240-9623.

For Retail Prescriptions for Acute Conditions (Up to a 30-Day Supply)
You can fill prescriptions (up to a 30-day supply) for acute conditions at any retail pharmacy, although you will save money when you use an in-network pharmacy. Note that your prescription drug copayment will double after the third time you receive up to a 30-day supply of a maintenance medication at a non-CVS retail pharmacy.

For example, if you are receiving a preferred-brand drug for high blood pressure, you will pay a $100 copayment (2 x $50 = $100) for up to a 30-day supply the fourth time you try to fill the prescription at a non-CVS retail pharmacy. If you use CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy or a CVS retail pharmacy to fill your prescription, you can get up to a 90-day supply for only $125. (See below for more information about filling prescriptions for up to a 90-day supply of maintenance medications for chronic conditions.)

If You Use an Out-of-Network Retail Pharmacy
When you use an out-of-network retail pharmacy to fill a prescription, you need to meet a separate prescription drug deductible before the plan will pay a percentage of the cost. You will need to pay the entire cost at the time of purchase. You will then need to file a claim with CVS Caremark to receive reimbursement for a percentage of the cost (if applicable).

For Maintenance Medications for Chronic Conditions (Up to a 90-Day Supply)
To fill prescriptions for any medications you or your covered dependents use on an ongoing basis for a chronic condition, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you have two options:

  • Use CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy. To get started, visit (you will need to register the first time you visit the site) or call 1-800-240-9623.
  • OR

  • Fill and pick up your prescription at a CVS retail pharmacy (including those in Target stores) at mail order pricing.
You can order up to a 90-day supply each time at a lower cost than three 30-day supplies at retail.

To Learn More About Your CVS Caremark Prescription Drug Benefits
Refer to the following resources:

For more information:


Prescription drug coverage premiums are included as part of the medical coverage premiums you may pay. Your out-of-pocket costs vary depending on how you choose to fill your prescriptions. For instance, if you purchase a brand-name drug when a generic equivalent is available, you will pay the generic copayment, plus the difference in cost between the brand-name and generic drug.

Please note that deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums are in addition to any that you may be required to pay under your retiree medical coverage option. For your specific costs, visit the YBR website.

Other Important Cost Information

Nokia is committed to keeping the cost of your prescription drugs down while providing you with the coverage you need. With this goal in mind, CVS Caremark uses a set of coverage management programs to administer how the Prescription Drug Program will cover certain prescription drugs.

Updates to the coverage management programs are made from time to time. CVS Caremark will notify you if any of these programs apply to you.